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Advantages of Our As-Welded Mechanical Tubing

Tubular Products manufactures as-welded mechanical tubing to ASTM specification A513 using the Electric Resistance Welding (ERW) process. This process produces the highest weld strength possible. Our as-welded mechanical product also offers a number of other advantages:

• Close dimensional tolerances, which may permit less stock removal and often eliminate machining operations
• Excellent concentricity, because of the uniform wall thickness of the high quality, flat-rolled steel from which it is made
• A smooth surface that can be readily plated, painted or enameled
• Ease in bending, machining, beading, expanding, swaging, spinning, flanging, upsetting, grooving, rolling, fluting, flattening, tapering and hydroforming.
• An inside surface with the same surface quality as the outside, and which can be readily inspected during forming.

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New Pearl Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. finned tubes,fin tube,and finned pipe used in heat exchangers,boiler economizers, coolers and heaters.